Agro-K crop nutrients now available through Meherrin Ag

Agro-K crop nutrients now available through Meherrin Ag

MINNEAPOLIS – February 15, 2012 – Farmers in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions can now provide their crops with the benefits of Agro-K’s unique phosphite-based Sysstem Series™ foliar nutrients through their area Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical Company dealers.

“Meherrin Ag’s strong service and agronomics tradition is well known by farmers from Maryland down to Florida. This distribution partnership is an excellent match for both Agro-K and Meherrin as we introduce the Sysstem Series™ and companion Agro-K products to the region,” said Chapman Mayo, president of Agro-K Corporation.

Based in Minneapolis, Agro-K has been a pioneer for more than 35 years in developing micronutrients and products that strengthen soil health. Improved integration of key nutritive elements within plants increases vigor, quality and yield, Mayo noted.

Sysstem Series foliar nutrients feature the unique absorption and systemic properties of Agro-K’s advanced phosphite technology.

Sysstem Series efficiently delivers the benefits of a wide selection of foliar nutrients including calcium, manganese, zinc, potassium and magnesium in a form that readily translocates at the cellular level for timely availability where the plants most need the nutritive boost.

“Agro-K products offer a prescriptive, science-based approach to crop nutrition and will have a strong fit for peanuts, pecans, tree fruit, soybeans and cotton throughout the region that Meherrin serves,” said Mayo.

Jimmy Jones, Meherrin’s General Manager, said the partnership with Agro-K will provide the Meherrin network of dealers with a top quality, innovative micronutrient product line that will address the crop-specific agronomic needs of the company’s customers and their crop consultants.

“We’re excited about the unique technology and products that Agro K is bringing to the market.  They have a proven track record of success and expertise in plant nutrition.  Our partnership with Agro K is a key to accomplishing our mission which it to partner with our customers by providing them agronomic inputs and services using the most effective solutions.  Our customers are going to like the results they see!”

Meherrin has been a family business since 1958 and is a founding member of the Tenkoz buying group. The Meherrin companies also include Severn Peanut Company, Inc., Hampton Farms, and Meherrin Fertilizer, Inc. Meherrin Financial Services provides loan programs. Meherrin is a Southeastern leader in seed, plant nutrition, crop protection, and custom application.

Meherrin is headquartered in Severn, NC. For more information about Meherrin, phone (252) 585-1744. The Meherrin family business philosophy is: Be big enough to serve and small enough to care.


Headquartered in Minneapolis, Agro-K supports farmers in their effort to profitably and sustainably produce high quality crops by developing the most technologically advanced soil health and crop nutrition products in the world, coupled with an ever-expanding knowledge base of scientific data. The singular key to Agro-K products is how they unlock valuable tools already present in nature’s soil and reinforce them through foliar applications of additional highly mobile, systemic nutrients.


For more information about Sysstem Series and other Agro-K products and research, phone 800-328-2418, visit, or email

Sysstem Series is a trademark of Agro-K Corporation.

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