Our History

Since its founding in 1976 by Dr. A.H.J. Rajamannan (a.k.a Dr. Harry), Agro-K has been dedicated to helping growers find solutions to a vast range of nutritional and fruit quality issues. Through extensive trial and testing Agro-K has developed a wide array of innovative products, ranging from quality enhancing calcium and micronutrient sprays that are second to none in bio-availability, to rapid uptake phosphite foliars and a line of soil and foliar biological products.

Agro-K is an industry leader in the foliar plant nutrition and biological product arena – an area that Agro-K has focused its product research on since its establishment. Our line of foliar phosphites – the Sysstem Series – combines the proven effectiveness and plant health benefits of phosphite technology with a broad choice of nutrient components, allowing growers to precicesly target plant nutrient needs.

Products like Symbex, designed to stimulate and increase soil microbe populations leading to improved microbial diversity, nutrient availability, cation exchange capacity, and root development, was far ahead of its time when we developed it 30 years ago. Agro-K pioneered university research of seaweeds for fertility purposes in the 1970’s. Agro-K’s stabilized” seaweed extract spray, Symspray®, is the culmination of decades of research on how the active biology of seaweeds can affect and enhance plant physiology responses. Today, Symspray remains the most effective, predictable and lowest cost per acre foliar seaweed spray on the market.

Agro-K markets its products strictly based on the science of plant physiology, proven agronomic concepts and trial data. Agro-K’s trained and experienced staff works closely with select professional distributors and crop advisors that share our high standards of ethics, a responsibility to growers, and a commitment to nutrition and plant health based on the science of plant physiology.