Bio-Mulch™ 7-0-0

Eliminate Your Crop Residue Problems Turn Years Into Months
Bio-Mulch accelerates crop residue break down and increases nutrient cycling and nutrient availability in the soil. Bio-Mulch is specifically designed to reduce crop residue build-up on the soil surface resulting in improved planting, seed placement and germination.

How Does Bio-Mulch Work?
Bio-Mulch is a unique blend of nutrients and fermentation enzymes designed to increase existing local populations of cellulose digesting microbes. By increasing digesting microbe populations naturally, Bio-Mulch accelerates cellular structure break down in stubble, stalks,cobs, roots and other organic debris.

Bio-Mulch is the answer to no-till and minimum-till problems:

Bio-Mulch minimizes crop residue build-up improving the efficacy of these tillage methods.

  • Reduced crop residue lessens the risk of nutrient tie up, which is important to the growing crop.
  • Less residue improves herbicide activity.
  • Reduced crop residue permits better seed germination leading to optimum plant population and higher yields.
  • Less crop residue allows soils to warm and dry earlier,enhancing seed-bed preparation and earlier planting.
  • Bio-Mulch leaves just the right amount of crop residue on the soil surface for effective protection against water and wind erosion.