BioMax – Better Soils, Better Row Crops

BioMax – Better Soils, Better Row Crops

BioMax is the best, most efficient way to improve soil biology and root environment. BioMax improves soil function in all cropping systems resulting in better root and plant health and increased soil nutrient efficiency. BioMax increases beneficial microbial populations after fumigation and can be used for better establishment of new perennial crops. If increased soil health and resulting improvement in crop performance is what you need – BioMax is your answer.

BioMax is a soil biological stimulator that increases aerobic bacteria (vs. anaerobic) and beneficial fungi, such as mycorrhizae. BioMax contains specific food sources, micronutrients and enzymes that stimulate and increase beneficial bacteria and fungal activity and populations. BioMax does not contain live biological organisms or humic acid, nor is it a “compost tea”. Packaged soil biological products such as mycorrhizal fungi are cultured in sterile environments and therefore not adapted to specific soil, crop and environmental conditions, which often limits their longevity and effectiveness. They also require proper storage, handling and application preparation. Compost teas require proper over sight, equipment and regulated aeration to ensure the bacteria survive, which is labor intensive and costly. BioMax naturally causes a significant increase in beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi populations that are already adapted to the crop and soils on your farm, making them more effective and consistent than other alternatives. This makes BioMax the clear choice to improve fertilizer efficiency, yield and quality.

Ground applied fertilizers – especially phosphate and potassium are rapidly bound up in the soil structure leaving only a small portion of the nutrients available for root uptake. It is biological activity that releases nutrients from the soil structure. BioMax, by increasing biological populations and activity, maximizes nutrient availability to the roots improving efficiency of groundapplied fertilizers. Enhancing soil nutrient availability can directly increase both crop quality and yield.

How does BioMax work?
BioMax increases the native beneficial soil microbial populations for a temporary time period (generally 3-4 weeks). The increase will vary by soil type and conditions but can range from 5-20 times normal population levels. BioMax naturally encourages an increase in native microbial populations. The increase in biological activity results in additional production and releases of carbon dioxide and organic acids.

The significant additional release of carbon dioxide causes a natural aeration effect in the soil. This results in improved soil tilth and moisture penetration. This can be very beneficial in soils with hardpan layers and/or poorly drained or overly wet soils.

The additional production of organic acids and microbial exudates released into the soil increases the binding of soil particles, which increases the water holding capacity of the soil. In irrigated high value cropping systems in arid growing regions increased moisture holding capacity is beneficial to yield potential and reducing irrigation expenses.

Recommended Applications
The recommended rate of BioMax is 1-2 quarts per acre. Used on a regular basis (1 to 2 times annually depending on the crop and location), BioMax can improve soil function, root health and environment, which will improve yield and crop quality.

Recommended Cropping Systems for Bio-Max:
BioMax is highly recommended for perennial tree, vine and berry crops. BioMax should be applied in the spring and early fall. This timing coincides with a natural increase in soil biological activity and root growth – amplifying both processes. BioMax can be applied via most irrigation systems or band-sprayed. For new tree, vine and berry plantings – BioMax can be applied via drip, banded and watered in or in the planting hole. Re-apply in 45 days and again in early fall via irrigation or ground spraying.

BioMax is highly recommended for higher value row crops, such as all vegetables, melons, potatoes, onions, sugar beets, sweet corn, beans and alfalfa. BioMax can be applied pre-plant during ground or bed preparation, at planting (either in-furrow or in the planting hole), or post-planting (via irrigation or band-sprayed).

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