Corn and Soybean Growers Trust Sysstem®-Advance 5-0-0 to Boost Crop Yields

Corn and Soybean Growers Trust Sysstem®-Advance 5-0-0 to Boost Crop Yields

Agro-K’s Sysstem Series of foliar phosphites ensure rapid nutrient uptake to get the job done.

With the elevated corn and soybean commodities prices the industry has been experiencing recently, the push to increase yield continues to mount to a fever pitch. Growers that want to get ahead must embrace Science-Driven Nutrition™. This analytical approach to crop management begins with the Five R’s.

farm field that is yellowing and appears to have plant health issues
Field before using Sysstem-Advance.

Growers achieve the best results when they use the Right nutrient applied at the Right time in the Right formulation in the Right mix targeting the Right place in the plant. Science-based nutritional programs arm growers with the essential tools necessary to accurately and efficiently address their crop’s specific needs. This not only maximizes the marketable yield, but also minimizes product waste. Corn and soybean growers earn more from their crops and spend less on nutritional inputs.

Agro-K’s Sysstem Series of foliar phosphite products is designed to address both needs. For corn and soybean production, Sysstem®-Advance 5-0-0 provides the right mix of macro and micronutrients in the right formulation to ensure complete plant penetration, as well as rapid nutrient uptake and utilization.

green, healthy farm field
This same field is thriving seven days after applying Agro-K’s Sysstem-Advance foliar fertilizer.

This foliar fertilizer combines nitrogen, sulfur, zinc, manganese, boron and molybdenum in a phosphite form, making them readily available and mobile within the plant’s vascular structure. The result is a product that improves crop production, quality and overall plant health. While Sysstem-Advance can be used successfully on a wide range of crops that includes sugar beets, cotton, dry beans and more, corn and soybean growers appreciate the product’s ability to transform their fields.

The following testimonials from representatives of Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical Co., an Agro-K distributor in the east, highlight exactly why these commodities growers love Sysstem-Advance.

“I have several growers that trust the performance of Sysstem-Advance,” says Dexter Howard. “Allan Earl Rivenbark with Smithfield Hog Production puts it on most every acre of corn, wheat and soybeans. It has proven to correct plant nutrient lose and helps keep the plants healthy for maximum yield. Henry Lucas of Lucas farms also has confidence in Sysstem-Advance. Speaking for myself, l know it is the leading nutritional product you can count on to keep your crops strong and vibrant.”

wheat field with dead areas and yellowing plants
Sysstem-Advance works on wheat fields struggling with plant-health issues, too.

“In the five years I’ve used Sysstem-Advance, I’ve only had a mixing issue one time and that was my error,” says Christopher Griffith. “It’s one of the most versatile, well-rounded foliar products in the portfolio. It says something when growers ask for something by name.”

“Down here in Georgia, we use Sysstem-Advance on the corn,” says Michael Bloodworth. “You can see the difference in the color of the corn before the spray versus after the spray. In the fields where we spray the product, our tests show a pretty good return on investment. Really, the product sells itself.

“We’ve been using it for three years, and it’s pretty widely known around here for use on corn,” he continues. “After the first two years especially, I’ve known it to be a very good product. The soils down here are not very nutrient dense, and they have a high pH. Sysstem-Advance makes a big difference that you can see right on the field.”

After using Sysstem-Advance, this lush wheat field has returned to life.

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