About Us

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and market science-based nutritional and biological products that will enhance crop quality, storability and yield in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner.

Leadership, Innovation, Sustainability

Agro-K Corporation is an industry leader in foliar plant nutrition and biological product development. These are the arenas in which Agro-K has focused its product research since its establishment in 1976 when Agro-K was founded as a research and development company for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing environmentally compatible products for agriculture markets worldwide.

Agro-K has been a pioneer of Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management ever since then. It is internationally recognized as perhaps the oldest and most experienced company in the development of biological alternatives for the horticultural, field crop, and livestock industries.

From inception Agro-K research has focused on solving plant and animal problems with nutrition and disease. Our search is for better methods to improve production and quality while reducing costly and environmentally damaging inputs. Today Agro-K continues to conduct university and independent commercial trials around the world to discover new technologies, validate their efficacy, and contribute to the stewardship of our planet.

Agro-K has been a pioneer for more than 35 years in the creation of exceptionally effective foliar nutrition and soil conditioning systems for agriculture.

Agro-K products evolve from a comprehensive understanding of plant physiology. This basis in the science of cellular-level plant development means our products are fine-tuned to help crops receive the nutrients they need precisely when that need peaks.

Agro-K products also are based in extensive knowledge of the interactions – positive or negative for plant development – of various chemistries within distinct crops and their soil environment.

Data from decades of trials by leading universities, crop consultants, cooperators, and high-level producers have proven the sound science, efficacy, and value of Agro-K technologies for improving soils and for the rapid-uptake and bio-availability of nutrients.

Agro-K soil conditioning and foliar plant nutrition technologies can assure that crops are growing in balanced, complex microbial soils and then receive the minerals needed for more robust root growth, more effective leaf area development, and stronger stalks or trunks to support more efficient vascular systems. These are the foundations for more effective nutrient uptake, photosynthesis, and translocation of minerals, water, and other building blocks of healthy plants. These plants – whether row crops, vegetables, tree fruit, nuts, or vines – are better able to tolerate the inevitable stresses of the growing season to produce more abundant, higher-quality harvests.

In any crop, the Agro-K systemic, season-long approach to nutrient enrichment can help producers meet their objectives – longer/thicker roots, more uniform stands, transplant hardiness, earliness, disease resistance, faster bearing, long-term orchard and field sustainability, improved fruit set, desired fruit structure, profitable sizing, great texture with more flavor, the right color, more dense meats, better pack-out and travel, longer shelf-life, greater consumer confidence, leading to more retailer confidence/loyalty. Whatever the combination a producer, packer, retailer, or consumer may seek, Agro-K products are a key component of making that happen.

By using the Agro-K plant physiology-based system for full-season nutrition, producers can achieve faster, more profitable payback from the living investment their plants and trees represent.