BioMax O.C.

Unlock Nutrients Already in the Soil

Essential nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium are often present in significant amounts in the soil, but they are unavailable to plants due to tight chemical bonds with other elements.

Biological activity can break these bonds and release the nutrients, allowing uptake and use by the crop. This is where BioMax O.C.™ comes in. It promotes accelerated biological activity of beneficial soil microbes, which in turn increases soil nutrient availability without additional application of fertilizer. By supplying aerobic bacteria and beneficial fungi such as mycorrhizae with their specific food sources, micronutrients, and enzymes, BioMax O.C. significantly increases their populations and biological activity.

Breaking the chemical bonds that tie up nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium is an important use for BioMax O.C.

However, the microbial activity it unleashes also releases other key elements, including nitrogen. Repeated studies show increased availability of nitrogen, ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur when fields treated with BioMax O.C. are compared to similar fields without it.

Increasing biological activity within the soil has other benefits, too. Improved soil tilth, water penetration and retention and accelerated nutrient cycling all result from supporting the native, existing beneficial microbes in the soil, and leads to better yield and long-term soil productivity.

BioMax O.C. does not contain live organisms; it includes the food sources the soil microbes need.

Because of this, it is a stable, easy-to-store product with a long shelf life. BioMax O.C. can be applied via all irrigation systems or band sprayed at the base of rows and watered in.

For annual crops, it’s important to apply BioMax O.C. in the spring when soil temperatures are at least 42°F to 44°F. Perennial crops such as trees and vines can benefit from BioMax O.C. applied in both spring and early fall, making sure essential nutrients are available before dormancy.

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