Sysstem Series Phosphites

Agro-K’s Sysstem Series line of foliar phosphites are leading the industry in delivering key essential nutrients in a readily available, mobile form for improving crop production, quality and plant health.

Sysstem Series products leverage the unique properties of phosphites to rapidly penetrate plant tissue and move nutrients throughout the plants vascular system.
That makes the phosphite ion the perfect vehicle to deliver critical nutrients like Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, and Potassium for rapid uptake and utilization by plants for maximum effect.

Managing your spray programs is easy using Sysstem products, because they can be used on all crops and in combination with a wide range of other plant care products, making them one of the most effective and flexible nutrient formulations available in the market today. Sysstem products can enhance the penetrating properties when combined with other systemic products and improve the tank mix stability of many crop protectants that favor low pH spray solutions.

Download the Sysstem Series Phosphites Brochure