Biological Products

Bio-Mulch™ 7-0-0

Eliminate Your Crop Residue Problems Turn Years Into Months Bio-Mulch accelerates crop residue break down and increases nutrient cycling and nutrient availability in the soil. Bio-Mulch is specifically designed to reduce crop residue build-up on the soil surface resulting in improved planting, seed placement and germination. How Does Bio-Mulch Work? Bio-Mulch is a unique blend [...]


BioMax is one of the best, most efficient ways to improve soil biology and root environment. BioMax improves soil function in all cropping systems resulting in better root and plant health and increased soil nutrient efficiency. BioMax is a soil biological stimulator that increases aerobic bacteria (vs. anaerobic) and beneficial fungi, such as  ycorrhizae. BioMax contains specific food sources, […]

BioMax Dual Action +

BioMax Dual Action + is a combination product that blends Agro-K’s fermentation based soil fertilizer, BioMax, with its seaweed based Symbooster technology. BioMax is a non-living microbial food source with micronutrients that biologically stimulates and increases native/existing beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi in the soil to increase nutrient available/efficiency. Symbooster is a biological and micronutrient based liquid fertilizer designed to promote root growth, early plant growth [...]

Symbooster® 10X

Symbooster® is a biological and micronutrient based liquid fertilizer designed for application with liquid starter fertilizers. A healthy diverse microbial population in the root zone is important to encourage and maximize root development, health and efficiency. Symbooster feeds growing roots improving activity and nutrient uptake and foraging. This results in a healthier root zone environment [...]