Leadership, Innovation, Sustainability

Agro-K Corporation is an industry leader in foliar plant nutrition and biological product development.

These are the arenas in which Agro-K has focused its product research since its establishment in 1976 when Agro-K was founded as a research and development company for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing environmentally compatible products for agriculture markets worldwide.

Agro-K has been a pioneer of Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management ever since then. It is internationally recognized as perhaps the oldest and most experienced company in the development of biological alternatives for the horticultural, field crop, and livestock industries.

From inception Agro-K research has focused on solving plant and animal problems with nutrition and disease. Our search is for better methods to improve production and quality while reducing costly and environmentally damaging inputs. Today Agro-K continues to conduct university and independent commercial trials around the world to discover new technologies, validate their efficacy, and contribute to the stewardship of our planet.