New Sysstem Series Line

New Sysstem Series Line

Agro-K has changed the name of its foliar phosphite micronutrient products from Vigor-Phos™ to Sysstem™.

Vigor-Cal-Phos™, first introduced in 2000, is now marketed under the Sysstem-CAL™ name. Sysstem-CAL was the first in Agro-K’s unique line of phosphite-based micronutrients to help growers improve fruit quality, fruit size and plant health.

The Sysstem line now includes Sysstem-ZN™, Sysstem-MG™, Sysstem-MN™, Sysstem-K™, Sysstem-Ready™ and a Zinc/Moly blend to be named Sysstem-ZMoly™.

Growers using these products in their nutrient programs have increased fruit size, fruit firmness, shelf life and other important quality factors.

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