BioMax is one of the best, most efficient ways to improve soil biology and root zone environment. BioMax improves soil function in all cropping systems resulting in better root growth and plant health and increased soil nutrient availability and efficiency.

BioMax works to increase aerobic bacteria (vs. anaerobic) and beneficial fungi, such as mycorrhizae. BioMax contains specific food sources, micronutrients and enzymes that support and help increase beneficial bacteria and fungal activity and populations. BioMax does not contain live biological organisms or humic acid, nor is it a “compost tea”. Living biological products are cultured in sterile environments and therefore are not adapted to specific soil, crop and environmental conditions, which often limits their longevity and effectiveness. They are also expensive and require proper storage, handling and application preparation. Compost teas are time consuming and require proper equipment and regulated aeration to ensure efficacy.

BioMax naturally causes a significant increase in beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi populations that are already in and adapted to the soils on your farm, making them much more effective and consistent.

Ground applied fertilizers – especially phosphate and potassium are rapidly bound up in the soil structure leaving only a small portion of the nutrients available for root uptake. Biological activity is requited to release nutrients from the soil structure. BioMax, by increasing biological populations and activity helps, maximize nutrient availability to the roots and improves efficiency of ground-applied fertilizers. Enhancing soil nutrient availability can directly increase both crop quality and yield.

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