RootMax 1.0-0-0.5

RootMax 1.0-0-0.5


Root Max is a combination product that blends Agro-K’s fermentation based soil fertilizer, NutriMax, with its seaweed based Symbooster technology. NutriMax is a nonliving microbial fermentation mix that works with the native/existing beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi in the soil to increase nutrient cycling, availability and efficiency. Symbooster is a seaweed based liquid fertilizer designed to help with nutrient uptake, root growth, early plant growth and seedling vigor. The combination called Root Max, is a powerful tool for maximizing quality and yield in all perennial and annual crops.

In the rhizosphere a healthy diverse microbial population is important to promoting root development, root mass and nutrient uptake. Root Max works with existing microbial populations encouraging accelerated nutrient cycling, thereby maximizing nutrient availability. Increasing microbial activity also improves availability and efficiency of ground applied fertilizers helping growers get the most out of their fertilizer budget. In addition, Root Max also helps root development encouraging maximum nutrient uptake to drive crop yields and quality.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nitrogen 1.0%
Urea Nitrogen 1.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.5%
Cobalt (Co) 0.15%

Derived From

Urea, Cobalt Carbonate, Ascophyllum Nodosum


2.5 & 250 gallon

Directions For Use

Ground apply Root Max at a rate of 1 to 4 pints per acre. Root Max can be ground applied or injected through most irrigation systems including drip and center pivots. If ground applying, ensure that Root Max is incorporated into the soil within two weeks after application, either mechanically or with sufficient water to wet soil to a depth of 1 inch. Root Max can be mixed with most fertilizers and pesticides. A compatibility check is recommended. Root Max is intended to supplement and enhance a full ground fertility program as recommended in accordance with a reliable soil analysis. If you have any questions regarding mixing or application rates contact your Agro-K dealer before using this product.

Suggested Uses

Perennial Crops – Trees, Vines and Berries

In perennial tree, vine and berry crops, Root Max should be applied in the spring and early fall. This timing coincides with a natural increase in soil biological activity and root growth. Utilizing Root Max at these key crop timings not only helps maximize microbial activity but also results in maximizing soil nutrient availability and total ground fertility efficiency. The best way to ensuring maximum quality and yield/acre is ensuring that nutrients are available a head of key physiological demand timings.

RATES: Apply at 1-4 pints per acre per application. Do not apply more frequently than every 30 days.

Root Max is convenient to apply. It can be applied via most irrigation systems or band-sprayed at the base of the rows.

On new establishment plantings of trees, vines and berries apply Root Max can be applied via drip, banded and watered in or in the planting hole. Re-apply in 45 days and again in early fall via irrigation or ground spraying. Scheduled applications of Root Max on new plantings, enhances the root zone conditions, creating an environment conducive to good root development. Getting new plantings off to a good start and maximizing root development is critical to long-term productivity.

Annual Crops – Vegetables, High Value Cash Crops & Turf

Root Max is particularly suitable to higher value row crops, such as vegetables, strawberries, melons, potatoes, onions, sugar beets, sweet corn, beans and alfalfa. It is also an excellent choice for turf. Root Max can be applied pre-plant during ground or bed preparation, at planting in-furrow or 2×2, or post planting via irrigation or band-sprayed and irrigated in.

RATES: Apply at 1-4 pints per acre per application. Do not apply more frequently than every 30 days.

Yield and quality are key factors in profitability in these crops. Root Max used pre-plant or early during the vegetative growth phase of these crops helps maximize soil available nutrients and healthy root development. Getting germinating seeds or transplants off to a vigorous start and maximizing root development is critical to potential plant productivity and quality. By encouraging microbial activity and diversity, Root Max keeps ground fertilizers more available and working longer into the season – maximizing fertilizer efficiency.

Turf and other perennial grass, hay and alfalfa crops are also excellent crops on which to utilize Root Max. Similar to tree and vine crops, applying Root Max in spring or during first irrigation, is an excellent way to maximize fall or spring applied fertilizer availability. Nutrients such as phosphorus and zinc which are instrumental in early vegetative growth and root development have limited availability when soils are cold and wet – normal spring conditions. Root Max can help turf and alfalfa overcome these conditions promoting a better start in the spring.

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