Super Symcoat®


Super Symcoat®


Super Symcoat is a seed coating for wheat, barley, lupins, canola, peas and other row crops. Super Symcoat supplies an initial source of important micronutrients needed for proper seed germination and plant development. Super Symcoat contains:

• Uniquely formulated, Dextro-Lac®, bio-available micronutrients.

Super Symcoat is specifically designed:

• For grain growing regions where soils are generally micronutrient deficient

• To correct micronutrient deficiencies at germination to improve seedling vigour

• To promote rapid germination, strong root development and balanced plant growth

• Increase yield and quality.

Dextro-Lac® & Bio-Availability

Agro-K’s proprietary “Dextro-Lac®” process couples zinc, manganese and copper to complex carbohydrate molecules (sugars based compounds), which can more easily be absorbed by the treated seed. The Dextro-Lac manufacturing process involves a series of processes including a modified bio-fermentation. During the reaction processes the elemental nutrient (Zn, Mn & Cu) is linked to a polysaccharide molecule creating a sugarbased nutrient.

The Dextro-Lac® process is responsible for the unique bio-available properties of Super Symcoat. Over 90% of nutrients applied in this sugar-based form can actually be utilized by the plant. Micronutrients in a variety of other forms such as oxides generally have less plant availability and are therefore less effective than Super Symcoat. Product performance depends on high levels of available micronutrients not on high guaranteed claims on a label.

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