Sysstem®-Pecan is a foliar fertilizer combining zinc and nickel phosphite. Sysstem®-Pecan is designed for early season use in pecans and other crops requiring zinc and nickel to meet peak nutrient demand timing for zinc and nickel. Proper nutrient balance is critical for maintaining overall plant health, to support proper physiological development, and for maximizing yield. Applying Sysstem®-Pecan early season will prevent and/or correct micronutrient deficiencies ensuring maximum nut yield.

Sysstem®-Pecan, due to its unique phosphite base, enhances nutrient uptake and mobility within the plant. Early season is peak demand for zinc to maximize leaf and root development. Nickel is also a critical micronutrient on pecans. Nickel deficiencies can result in “mouse ear”. Because Sysstem®- Pecan is phloem active, it provides zinc and nickel in a form that not only satisfies the nutrient needs of the tree, but also promotes strong root and leaf development while encouraging increased nutrient uptake. Sysstem®-Pecan is compatible most fungicides and insecticides making it easy to integrate into spray programs without additional field trips.

Guaranteed Analysis
Nickel (Ni) – 0.8%
Zinc (Zn) – 8.0%

Derived From
Zinc Phosphite and Nickel Phosphite


Directions For Use
Sysstem-Pecan is designed for foliar use. Foliar: Apply 1 to 4 quarts per acre with sufficient water for thorough coverage. Product can be applied at 7 to 14 day intervals for a maximum of 5 times during the growing season. Avoid applications when temperatures are extreme (above 90°F). Foliar fertilization is intended to supplement standard ground fertility programs and will not by itself provide all nutrients normally required by agricultural crops. If you have any questions regarding mixing or application rates contact your Agro-K dealer before using this product.


Apply 1 to 4 quarts per acre per application. Apply first application after bud break during early leaf expansion. Make subsequent applications on 7-21 day intervals as indicated by the crop. Apply no more than 5 applications annually. Foliar apply with air-blast type sprayers in a minimum of 40 gallons of water per acre. Sysstem-Pecan is compatible with other Agro-K Sysstem products and can be tank mixed for application. Consult your crop advisor for more information.

Sysstem-Pecan is compatible with many fertilizers and pesticides but a compatibility check is recommended. Always ensure adequate dilution in the spray tank before adding Sysstem-Pecan to any mixture. Never mix Sysstem Pecan in a concentrated form with other fertilizers or pesticides. Do not mix Sysstem-Pecan with pesticides that are sensitive to low pH solutions, including copper based products.

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