Quality & Yield From Sysstem- SeaCal

Quality & Yield From Sysstem- SeaCal

Calcium is a critical nutrient in growing quality fruit and vegetables. Getting calcium into the crop during the fruit “cell-division” window is the key to improving crop quality, marketable pack-out and grower profitability. Maximizing calcium levels in the fruit will improve cell wall thickness leading to improved skin appearance, transportability and shelf-life. Every crop is different, but supporting each crop’s peak demand timing for calcium is what matters most in determining crop quality and maximizing pack-out.

Agro-K’s foliar calcium phosphite, Sysstem- SeaCal, combines the systemic power of calcium in a highly mobile phosphite form with Agro-K’s proprietary seaweed extract formulation. Applying Sysstem-SeaCal starting pre-bloom and continuing through fruit cell-division not only encourages fruit size but also provides a readily available calcium that penetrates rapidly and thoroughly through leaf and fruit tissue due to its unique phosphite formulation. In addition, Sysstem-SeaCal, unlike most foliar phosphite products on the market, contains no potassium.

Foliar potassium applied during fruit cell-division can antagonize calcium uptake into the fruit and negatively impact fruit quality later. Combining Agro-K’s unique foliar phosphite calcium and foliar seaweed extract gives growers a convenient powerful tool to positively impact fruit quality, marketable pack-out and grower profitability.

For more information on Sysstem-SeaCal and Agro-K’s complete nutrient product lines, contact Agro-K or an authorized distributor today.

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