Hull Split and Post Harvest Sprays Sysstem® Series Late Season NutBuilder Nutrient Program.

Hull Split and Post Harvest Sprays Sysstem® Series Late Season NutBuilder Nutrient Program.

The best time to nutritionally impact next years almond crop is Hull Split and/or Post Harvest application timings. Many almond growers with late varieties or early leaf drop and/or who rely on custom spray application often find post harvest applications difficult logistically. Now growers have new stronger nutritional tools to make the Hull Split application just as effective as post harvest applications.

Highly penetrating, systemically transported Sysstem-Ready™  applied at hull split with other early season peak demand nutrients needed to build bud strength (0-18-25 plus boron) make it possible to get these critical nutrients into next year’s buds so they are available when the tree breaks dormancy in the spring. Building nutrient levels in the buds this year, leads to more uniform bud break, faster early growth with larger leaves that have more photosynthetic capability and stronger flower buds for increased nut set. The end result… higher yields, larger and heavier nuts in 2015.

Building nutrient levels this year sends trees and buds into winter with more strength and energy reserves that will be available to the tree next spring at bud break when cool soils limit uptake and nutrient availability. Applying Sysstem-Ready with Agrobest 0-18-25 + B and Micro-Mix D.L. at hull split and/or post harvest will ensure the tree has all critical early nutrients needed ahead of spring peak demand timing to support leaf and root development. By beginning to manage next year’s nutrient needs at hull split and/or post harvest, Sysstem-Ready, Agrobest 0-18-25 + B and Micro-Mix D.L. help prepare your trees for the race to higher yields – with larger, higher quality nuts, while also minimizing alternate bearing issues.

Sysstem-Ready is compatible with most pesticides and foliar nutrient tank mixes.

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