Want the Highest Consistent Yielding Almonds?

Maximizing profitability in your almond orchard starts with maximizing nut set every year. Achieving consistency in set and minimizing alternate bearing cycles is the key to consistent yields and higher profits. The secret is ensuring the tree has the right nutrients at the right time in the right forms and right mix.

Nut set can be influenced by boron which enhances pollination. Calcium is synergistic with boron and enhances its affect. Molybdenum plays a direct role in nut set and retention. Agro-K’s Vigor-Cal-Bor-Moly is the perfect mix to apply from pink bud to early bloom. Vigor-Cal-Bor-Moly supplies a balanced nutrient mix in a carbohydrate (Dextro-Lac) formulation that can significantly improve nut set and calcium levels. Agro-K’s Dextro-Lac formulation is soft on foliage and designed to penetrate tissue quickly. Because it is not a chelation process, but sugar based, once absorbed by the tree the nutrients are immediately available. Unlike chelated products, no energy requirement is needed to break the chelation bonds for the tree to access the nutrients.

Nut set is the first step to consistently high yielding almonds. Once set, nuts need size and weight to maximize yield. Size is dictated by cell division and phosphate is the energy source that drives this process. Calcium is a critical factor in nut weight. Getting it into the nut during cell division is the key to heavier meat.

More calcium uptake during leaf cell division creates leaves with thicker cell walls that are more tolerant to diseases like scab and rust – allowing fungicide programs to be more effective. Getting calcium where it is needed at peak demand time is what matters most. Applying Vigor-SeaCal with Agro-K’s high orthophosphate/low potassium AgroBest 9-24-3 formulation just prior to and during the bloom period provides rapid penetration, uptake and translocation of calcium and phosphate to help drive cell division and set the stage for large, dense nuts with maximum weight. Vigor-SeaCal combines calcium in a carbohydrate formulation with Agro-K’s powerful seaweed extract to enhance nut cell division. Applying an energy-stimulating high phosphate NPK like AgroBest 9-24-3 enhances seaweed efficacy helping drive more cell division. AgroBest 9-24-3 is specifically designed with minimal potassium content for early season foliar applications. Foliar spray mixes with even moderate amounts of potassium applied during cell division will antagonize calcium uptake and negatively impacting leaf cell wall integrity and nut quality.

The energy requirements to maximize cell division and nut fill are significant and requires large, healthy, and efficiently functioning leaves. Zinc is essential for maximum leaf development, vascular function and root growth. Magnesium is critical for chlorophyll. Manganese is required for proper root development and nitrogen utilization. Maximizing early season growth processes and tree function requires a spectrum of micronutrients and Agro-K’s Zinc +4 D.L. provides zinc, manganese, iron and copper to maximize chlorophyll, leaf surface area and root growth.

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